Shasha Gong

writer. musician.

Grad. Dip. Art & Design COFA UNSW,
B. Management USYD,
Cert IV Media TAFE
shasha gong

I’m a Sydney based writer and musician ♥
My work is community focused, I connect strongly to people and culture ∞
As a writer I specialise in:
content writing: blogs, newsletters, articles, social media, community management, and instructional design
As a musician, telling stories through music is my passion and my outlet ♥
I dabble in photography and videos.

read my back story ...

Thinking I wanted to do something Finance related after high school, I started a Business degree from USYD.
And from 2001 – 2012 I held jobs within the Banking industry before and after completing my bachelors. I’ve worked with St George, CBA, and Macquarie.

It was through these years that I found a thirst for connecting with clients, and wanting to really understand their perspectives. I was not afraid to ask the ‘why’s’. I see it as soft skills I could employ forever.
My passion and my heart however, always turned to creative arts. So after graduating, I went on to train in Film & TV production, followed by a Graduate Diploma in Arts/Design at COFA.

By that time, I had accumulated some years of photography and writing experience volunteering for The AU Review. I was also working in marketing and community support for Saasu.

It was about then that my life kind of took a tumble. I was struggling to breathe coming out of bad relations, I had some bad news in the family, and subsequently fell into a deep depression. I had to reassess and take time out.

Taking more than a year off, I spent it with family, and I made music. It was a late admission to my life, but music is a constant passion. And I waited until I was ready to face the world again to take to the stage and started my music career.

Now I’m working as a freelance writer within the e-commerce sector, and busily building my music artistry.

Drop me a message, or head to my store for more details.

My portfolio

Content Production
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blogs, social media, websites, instructional design and more

notes from friends ...

“I have found her role [as producer] to be valuable in attention to detail, communication, organisation and making hard decisions. She is very personable.” Bryan Fisher

“She is meticulous, purposeful and goals-driven with a strong work ethic. She approaches work with a intellectual and results orientated view-point.” Jeremy Wood

“Shasha has a positive energy about her, and a unique ability to connect with all types of people and brings cohesion to a project. A real pleasure to work with!” Ivy Chiang

I've worked with:

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